b a r b a r a   f e b r u a r     

a r t   i n s p i r e d   b y   o u r   h u m a n   j o u r n e y

2019 Seasons Calendar,University Hill, Vancouver, BC  image for Christmas season  SIMEON

2016  'Markers' book by Mary Barton Nees, fullpage image in book  LAZARUS

2015  The Bridge magazine published by Taylor College and Seminary, A WOMAN HEALED

2013  The Center for Biblical and Theological Education at SPU. Seattle, WA, web site

2012 'Hope Beyond Suicide' by J. Bruce Sofia, book title image  ANGEL

2011   White Stone Gallery, Philadelphia, PA,  Art and Faith, publication  PASSION

2011   Art that Tells the Story by Christopher R. Brewer, book, page 52 and 53  EXODUS

2011   Behold magazine vol. March - June 2011, page 10 and 28  

2010   The Christian Century, Chicago, IL,  magazine vol. July 27, 2010 , page 47  ISAIAH SERIES, 3 pieces

2007   Redeemer Church New York, NY,  Easter Sunday booklet, title image  LAZARUS

2007   North Shore News North Vancouver, BC March 7, 2007, article  SECRET GARDEN

2006   Room of One's Own, Vancouver, BC quarterly publication vol. 29.4 cover image, pages 4, 55, 56  DELILAH

2004   IMAGO,  Toronto, ON  monthly newsletter vol.8.1  JAIRUS' DAUGHTER

2001   The Vancouver Courier,  Vancouver, BC,  April 11, article  BARBAR FEBRUAR's textile studio

BENEATH MY WINGS    acrylic, paper and glass beads on canvas