b a r b a r a   f e b r u a r     

a r t   i n s p i r e d   b y   o u r   h u m a n   j o u r n e y

Workshops I designed and facilitated:

2019  Maders Cove, NS

Private with person of special needs

2018  Mahone Bay, NS  

St. John's Lutheran Church

Q&A walking through the Stations of the Cross with a youth group followed by painting workshop

2010 - 2012  Kelowna, BC  

Rotary Centre of the Arts

What is Your  Story?  

Your Story in FairyTales

2010 - 2012  Kelowna, BC

CARIS society (women in recovery)

Expressing Your Own Story

2010  Manila, Phillippines

Community and Self

Life Painting during worship

2009  Calgary, AB

Self expression through painting

Life Painting during worship

2009  Kansas City, MO     

Heartland Presbyterian Retreat Ctr

Pages and Passages of Your  Live

Life Painting during worship

2005  Calgary, AB

Workshops: Self expression through pinting

Life Painting during worship

2004  Vancouver, BC

Embracing Life (cronic and terminal illness)

2003  Calgary, AB     

Entheos Retreat Center

Self expression through pinting

Life Painting during worship

2002 - 2005  Vancouver, BC  

First Bptist Church

Meditating on Scripture through painting

2001 - 2002  Vancouver, BC



Creative book making

workshops and live painting

Life painting of the second Stations of the Cross

HEALING   acrylic on canvas

Throughout the 35+ years working as a creative professional in various capacities, the work I find most fulfilling is creating images inspired by scripture and liturgy.

Joining worship by painting live is a special privilege I have been given at many venues for more than a decade now.

If you would like me to facilitate a workshop or do live painting during worship at your church,

please contact me here

HEALING acrylic on canvas